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Sega Republic, Dubai Mall

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Soft launched yesterday, Sega Republic is the latest addition to Dubai Mall’s ever growing list of entertainment venues. According to the (more…)

House of Illusion, Dubai Festival City

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve seen, heard or been to a unique gig here in Dubai. Venues, as of late, seem to bringing in the same DJs, same comedy shows and same outdoor events in an endless spin, rinse and ka-ching! formula… that is, until I read about the House of Illusion Dinner show. (more…)

Sharjah Desert Park

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

For all the shame surrounding the Dubai Zoo, it’s nice to hear to know that neighbouring emirates are doing their part towards the preservation of wildlife in the UAE. Sadly, one initiative that rarely gets any media attention is the Arabia’s Wildlife Centre, located in the Sharjah Desert Park.

The Sharjah Desert Park is separated into four distinct areas:

Natural History Museum
What sets the Natural History Museum apart, from other local museums, is its focus on the history of the Middle East rather than just the UAE. Major sections in the museum include Geology – a look at how the Middle East and early life was formed; Flora – plant life and desert ecology; Marine – overview of various aquatic life in the region. Set aside about 1 hour to go through the entire museum.

Sharjah Desert Park - Natural History Museum 01 Sharjah Desert Park - Natural History Museum 02 Sharjah Desert Park - Natural History Museum 03

Arabia’s Wildlife Centre
More than just a zoo, the Arabia’s Wildlife Centre brings various reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds and mammals, from the Middle East, under one roof for all to see! The first section is the Reptile and Insect House; you’ll get to see various snakes, beetles, lizards, scorpions, frogs and toads. Next up, is a large indoor Aviary where none of the birds are kept in cages and are left to fly freely… might want to watch out for any presents as they fly overhead. You’ll know the moment you’ve entered the Nocturnal section from the pitch black surroundings. Once adjusted to the low light – bats, rats and nocturnal cats are some of the various attractions to see in this section. Finally, the end of the centre is home to some of the bigger animals in the region with baboons, cheetahs and leopards making their appearance. Set aside about 1 hour and a half to take in all the exhibits.

Sharjah Desert Park - Arabias Wildlife Centre 01 Sharjah Desert Park - Arabias Wildlife Centre 02 Sharjah Desert Park - Arabias Wildlife Centre 03

Children’s Farm
A chance for kids (and adults) to get up close and personal with animals. Don’t expect anything exotic though, the animals that you’ll find in this centre are the domesticated ones – goats, chickens, cows, camels, horses, ducks and donkeys. You’ll also find bins with hay and grass if you want to try feeding the animals… watch your fingers!

Sharjah Desert Park - Childrens Farm 01 Sharjah Desert Park - Childrens Farm 02 Sharjah Desert Park - Childrens Farm 03

Breeding Centre
Off limits to the general public, the Breeding Centre was setup to help in the conservation and protection of endangered species in the region. One such project, the Arabian Leopard Project, looks at boosting the population of the Arabian Leopard whose numbers have dwindled to less than 100 in the region.

For more info, the Sharjah Desert Park can be contacted on 06 5311999. The park is open weekdays from 09:00 – 18:00 (closed on Monday), Thursday 11:00 – 18:00 and Friday 14:00 – 18:00. Adults Dhs 15, Children under 16 free.
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